Let’s start with the amount of coverage you will need on your wedding day and what is included. An average wedding day is about 8 hours. Some may need less while others may stretch over two or more days with different types of ceremonies.

Some things to consider:

Ceremony Time: Is your ceremony a short one or a full mass? A full mass, ceremony, and receiving line can take about 3 hours. While a shorter ceremony may last 20-45 minutes.

Formal Pictures: Most couples opt for formal pictures of the families after the ceremony. Also, pictures of the Bridal Party and The Bride and Groom Portraits! (our favorite time of day!)

Reception Time: Generally a reception is 4-6 hours with dancing, dinner, toasts, and other traditions. Oh and cake, how could I forget to mention the cake (or cupcakes).

We usually start our day right before your dress goes on, but we can be there before that to get photos while you are getting your makeup and hair done and spending time with your family and friends.

This will generally add an hour.

Included with your wedding day coverage:

Our Creative Vision, Planning, and Direction

We have your back when it comes to planning your shots, posing, and more.

30 Minute Session

Most couples use this session for their save the date cards but this can be used for any of our sessions!

High Definition Digital Files

Have piece of mind knowing that your wedding photos are archived and in your hands, in high definition for viewing and printing your  photos.

What happens if we only get 6 hours in hour collection but need more on the day.

Once the initial time is up we will ask if there is anything else you would like. If it turns out there is still more to do, we will add on time, by the hour of wedding coverage. Wedding Day Coverage by the hour is $200.

This will not have to be taken care of that night. Once we verbaly agree to staying for more time, we will continue to photograph your wedding. We will bill you for the time as to not add any stress near the end of a long day.

Our ceremony and reception has a gap. Can we split the time?

Unfortunately, no. What some may call a gap, we use as an opportunity to get detail photographs and more time with the bridal party and family.

Choose Amount of Coverage